The Town of Brunswick Water Department provides water to approximately 2800 service connections and 3500 living units.  Our water is purchased from the City of Troy and enters the system through a number of master meters located though out the Town.  There are three water districts in the Town, The Brunswick Consolidated District which services most residences, District # 11 which services the Leversee Road area and District #16 which provides water to the Brunswick Meadows condominium complex on Route 142.  The Department maintains about 30 miles of water mains many of which date back to the beginning of the 1900 hundreds.  There are 300 fire hydrants, two water pump stations and one 2 million gallon storage tank.  All of this is done by four dedicated town employees 365 days a year.


The Department bills for water and sewer twice a year.  The water meters are read in late November and December for the February bill and read again in June and July for August Bill.  The current charges for Water are as follows:


Minimum charge for water is $70.95 for the first 0 to 15,000 gallons of water used and $4.73 dollars for each 1000 gallon after that.  Sewer usage is charge separately and explained in the sewer section.


Your water meter can be read just like the odometer of a car and most water meters have a leak indicating dial on the face of the meter.  If the leak indicator, either a black triangle or a red dial is moving and you are not using water intentionally, there is most likely a leak somewhere in your internal home plumbing.


If you need to contact the Water Department please use the following numbers.


All billing, home real estate closings or account information please contact Carol Vogt dial (518) 279-3461 ext. 114

To contact the Superintendent of Water, Bill Bradley dial (518) 279-3461 ext. 112



After 4:00 PM daily or on Weekends for emergencies such as water main breaks, vandalism or tampering of facilities (only Town personnel or the Fire Company can use hydrants) or uncontrolled leaking water in the home, dial 518 270-5555 and the Rensselaer County 911 Dispatcher will contact the appropriate personnel to respond to your emergency.


The Water Department prepares an annual water quality report for your review.  Please follow the links below.