Brunswick Then and Now

Pleasant Valley Store, CropseyvilleWelcome to historic Brunswick! On this page we present many of the historic photographs long-treasured by the people of our town. Click on a description to see an historic image and a view of the same scene or similar situation today. Or "tour" the sites a few at a time. All "now" scenes were photographed between May 9 and May 16, 2001.

Junction of Route 7, Hoosick Road, and Route 278, Brick Church Road
Center Brunswick Methodist Church and Parsonage
Center Brunswick, Junction of Routes 7 and 142 (Grange Road)
West of Center Brunswick on Route 7
Castle's Milk Delivery Wagon at White's Hotel, Hoosick Road
Clum's Blacksmith Shop, Clum's Corners
Bird's Eye View of Clum's Corners
District No. 6 School, located on Route 278 at Clum's Corners
Clum's Flats looking northwest
Cropseyville Post Office
Morrison Farm, Route 2, Cropseyville
East Brunswick Methodist Church and Pleasant Valley School, Cropseyville
Pleasant Valley Store, Cropseyville
Eagle Mills Creamery & Produce Company
Garfield School, Brunswick Road, Eagle Mills
Dater House, Brunswick Road, Eagle Mills
Eagle Mills Methodist Church, Brunswick Road
Parade, Eagle Mills Cemetery, Eagle Mills
General Store, Brunswick Road, Eagle Mills
Junction of Pinewoods Avenue and Brunswick Road
Church of Christ, Disciples, Eagle Mills
George Washington School, Menemsha Lane
Pinewoods Avenue, looking west from Menemsha Lane
Forest Park Cemetery, also known as Forest Hills Cemetery
Tollgate at White Bridge, Brunswick Road, west of Eagle Mills

The historic photographs used in this presentation are from the collections of the Town of Brunswick Historian and the Brunswick Historical Society. All of the photographs were originally found, however, in the albums of town residents, and to all those who have graciously shared their photos over the years, we extend our thanks and appreciation!

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